Step 2 more – My view of step one or two for tomorrow or a step closer to the world I belong

The contents of this blog are my experience in my life as well as the lessons I learned from others. I encourage you to post your comments, criticism and suggestions if you have similar or different opinion on any post. You can also send me email: step2more@gmail.com.

Everyone has a story worth telling. I intend to write stories of me as well as of the amazing people around me. The story can be very simple incident in our life with a meaningful message. Because, it is the small incident in our life and our reaction to what happens to us will determine where we will end up. The message that each incident carries are the gate way to success and can have profound effect in other’s life as well.

Do you have a story to share? I am sure all of us will have a lot to learn from your experience. Feel feel to send me your story by email and I will post it here. You are also welcomed to join this blog as a contributor and/or author and write your own post. If you already have a blog, I will be happy to share your view and add a link here (check out my friend’s story in their blog in lower section of the first right column). Or you can share mine with your friends if you like it.

Aren’t we living in the most amazing part of the world’s history? Because, this is the only time we can make history that talk about common person like you and me, not just president of your country.  We have our choice to make all the difference. My contribution to build our history will be insignificant. But when we add each of our contribution, the insignificant will be transformed into a significant one.

So let’s write our own history and share with each other.


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