Ideal Match

[Ideal partner WANTED, rich or poor, good looking or ugly!]

I asked couple of my friends this question – “who do you think will be your ideal partner?”. The responses are a replicate of above youtube video. In general, most guys will prefer a beautiful, smart, intelligent, trustworthy, exciting and loving girls who can appreciate everything they have or yet to have. Common personalities of most wanted guys are handsome, smart, rich, caring, good listener, family man, and endless list. Feel free to personalize this illusive list. Now that we know what we want, let’s have some introspection.

Ideal partner is a myth. If you are looking for ideal partner, then you might be in wrong place, at least not in the Earth. Try finding all or some (not less than 4) of those above qualities in you with an independent perspective. Because, it is not what you think you are, but other’s perceptions of you are going to make them recognize the potential ideal partner in you.

If you have those qualities, then you ARE the ideal man/woman who must be living a “happily ever after life”. And this post is not for you. I am happy for you and your partner. Please share your story with us so that we can learn the secret formula from you and enrich our life with your proven method.

Like me, most of you might find that you are not the ideal one. Be aware that, we (not ideal) have overwhelming majority. People like you and me are also enjoying an ideal relationship. How is it possible to have an ideal match with a non-ideal partner?

Ideal match is established between two imperfect persons where imperfection of one compliments the perfectionist within other and vice versa. From childhood, we are told to be perfect, ideal, and be number one in anything and everything. Less attention has been given to the imperfection. The imperfections within us are even despised and deliberately hidden from others. Little we know that our imperfections possess the key to have a “happily ever after” relationship with our partner.

We do need someone who is best in what we are not. Try holding the right hand of your partner in your right hand while walking. Both of your right hands supposed to be the strongest and efficient, yet both don’t fit when it comes to holding both together.  However, when you try holding his/her left hand with your right hand, the bond becomes stronger. It is this difference between both left and right hand results in stronger bond. Relationship is strengthen exactly same way when our imperfection provides the space needed for our partner to express his/her care.

Relationship strives on care, compliments, and self-confidence. Imperfection gives us the opportunity to show that we care by giving and receiving each other’s generous service. Compliments we received for being helpful increase our self-confidence.  And two confident and caring hearts can survive all turmoil of life and live happily. For outsiders, they are perfect.  However, the couple knows inside that it is their complimentary imperfections allow their love to grow stronger.

Our partner should be the person who can best use our strength with his/her imperfection and should be the one who help us overcoming our weakness. Understanding our self is the key to find someone with whom we can live happily. Therefore, we should not be ashamed for the imperfection within us – the imperfection that unlocks the secret of ideal match or our gateway to life full of happiness.

Our ideal match should be the one who can fulfill our limitations and ascertain our strength or someone who makes us complete with all our perfections and imperfections. What is your perception of your ideal match? Please share your experience with us.

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9 responses to “Ideal Match

  1. Thanks to all of you my friends who shared their personal story and suggestions with me. Special thanks to Jharana, Adi, Vivy, Tesfa, Suraj, and Tim who did not hate me for asking them this question “who you think should be your ideal partner?”

    Please keep on adding to this post in your comments if you have thought something new or different.

  2. All very good points. Relationships are about compromise and making the effort to stay connected; there is no perfect, easy relationship. If it is easy, it has no value.

  3. good one…liked the last part of the video, it should be cut and moved to the first part…guaranteed increase in viewership…

  4. Trust and willingness to compromise for each other help in difficult time. Love, forgiveness and little understanding gives all supplement to grow the relationship. Enjoying each others imperfection can make the relationship more exciting.

  5. relationships makes our life difficult and difficulties make our life worth living….when I was 24 I thought there is nothing more exciting for me to see in life…now I am 31 and my happily wrong

    the assumption is a very nice article…

    anyway did u write all of this? cos if you do many things will be much interesting to know…u already have the audience…so what u say will have its value..the video is good as such on its own…

    • “relationships makes our life difficult and difficulties make our life worth living”. This is good point and Audrey mentioned it in different way too.

      Thanks for the compliments. Yes, most of them are product of many conflict and discussion in relationship as well as discussion with friends. Though I like to read about these stuffs and got some idea in the way of reading over years.

  6. I think you did a lot of thinking before penning it down. Really enjoyed reading it and now I am enjoying thinking about it. keep writing!!

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