Paulie - The epic journey of a parrot to find his little friend

“There are things in life you put off, because you think you’re gonna do them later. But the real thing Ivy taught me is you gotta live like there may not be a later.”

This is my favorite quote from the movie “Paulie“. The movie is about plight of a parrot named “Paulie” who was trying to find his lost friend “Marie”.

In his way, he met many amazing people whose lives were touched by his selfless attitude and vice versa. He also found many selfish people who used him for their advantages. He was tortured, emotionally broken and challenged  in his way to find his little girl, Marie.

This epic animal-adventure story may be made for children, but this movie has many messages that can touch anyone’s life. The messages are more clear when we have something to relate to Paulie and his journey.

Paulie could not have endured all difficulties in his way or would have lost his focus if he has no “Marie” in his life. Like Paulie, each one of us are having that journey to find someone or something in life.

As long as our life is driven by the desire to find our own “Marie” of our life, we will pass through anything and everything. Marie does not have to be a person but could be anything that will fulfill us.

Do you know what is driving you and who is your “Marie”?  If yes, you will get it as long you have the wish and determination to have it. If no, then the time to look for one is never late yet.


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