Who am I?

Dual personalities

Ever since I have started writing blog, I got mixed reactions from my friends. Some appreciated the writer and thinker inside me. Some other friends openly or secretly found it hard to digest what I am writing here.  Because their personal experience with me may convey very different messages – a difference between what I say and what I have done.

I am thankful for having these wonderful friends who are so honest in their opinions towards me. I must admit whole-heartedly that all of them are RIGHT. I am the same person whose action may make some people doubt me and still the same person whose writing may reflect opposite thought.

I cannot separate my action from myself with an excuse that I did not know or I was not aware of xyz things. I am what I did and what I am doing and will be doing. My action defines me better way than what I write here or say there. The consequence of my action is solely mine. No excuses, period.

I cannot guarantee doing the right things all the time or writing the best piece all the time that most can agree with. I will make mistakes. That’s why you are there to correct me with your thoughts, suggestion, comments and criticism. But I will always own my mistake as gracefully as my righteousness.

Because, both are the wheels of my bike that is leading to where I want to be. The wheels that is turning with every piece of thought I am going through, with every piece of writing I am posting here, with every piece of action I am taking. And every turn it makes, I am discovering who I am.

I like to know how you are learning more about yourself. What are the wheels in your bike?

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2 responses to “Who am I?

  1. We’re very impressed by your post here in Pakistan. Thanks for this. Keep writing on. Be blessed.

    You can visit our blog as well. http://theterrorland.blogspot.com

    • Thanks for your appreciation, Rehman. Your story is amazing. Hope people recognize your contribution to improve the society and have a better future for Pakistan.

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