Progress is all about continuity

Progress is all about moving in right track, not sitting there

Progress is all about moving in right track, not sitting there

I was on my way to see my friend, Tesfa in his lab. His lab is one hallway away from where I works.  I came across some quotes posted on doors in the way.   I got interested and started reading all quotes until I was hit by a cart.  This incident became more relevant because that moment, I was reading this quote.

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” – Will Rogers

It was a pure coincidence that I was in right track to see my friend, but I was blocking the hallway reading these amazing quotes that inevitably invited something wrong to happen.  Had I kept moving in the hallway, it would have been a perfect walk without any incident.  But I am glad that this thing happened in the hallway, not in highway, where the repercussions could be more costly and devastating.

We all understand or connect to this principle so well when we are driving in highway.  But few of us really understand that our career or life is a journey that is held in the balance of moving in right direction – not knowing or sitting in the right track.  If you ever ride a bike, you would understand.  Riding a bike is harder when the movement is slower and it crashes when it ceases to move.   Same can be said about everything we do in our life.

In the end, moving in the wrong track is not that different from sitting in the right track – both will not lead us anywhere near to our goal.  This simple incident today made me think twice if I am sitting on the right track or moving.  I realized that I was sitting on a right track (Example, my Ph.D.) for a long time and to some extent I am doing so even now.

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4 responses to “Progress is all about continuity

  1. I have been watching the sign for a long time now as i walk to the lab i work in. I feel like continuity is not only needed to accomplish our set goals but also in the sense of getting things done , but also by providing a moral boost and reminder that we are still in the right track. To explain it further, if we don’t move in the right track at some point we will start to feel like we are not in the right track and begin to move away ( trying to correct ) to the wrong track. It may also create a sense of self doubt within ourselves about our ability. For me continuing to move in the right track requires a lot of check and balances to evaluate myself. I like it Sanjay! Really useful blog !

  2. Your valuable comments complete this post. Thanks for the addition that I did not think about while writing.

  3. Whatever you said, i totally agree with you. thanx 4 the post.

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