“Pick your battle” but how?

Recently famous speaker, leadership expert and author, John Maxwell wrote an article about why one should always pick the right battle. The most important goal of this philosophy is to make sure you spend all your energy in the battle that fulfill you. He has offered five good advices on why it is always helpful to persons who practice it effectively in their life. Here is the link to the original article in his blog.

One should also realize that it takes a lot of time and practice to build a character with those 5 principles. It would be nice if we can have an easier way to know the right battle and let go the others. The strategy to find the right battle can be summed up in 3 evaluative path as shown in this illustration.

1. Character development: This is path that will lead us to our inner character or the persona that we like other to see. The world we live in is the reflection of our persona within. Therefore, one should always strive to make it stronger and better. Any battle to improve our personality should be worth fighting for.

2. Personal relationship: We may be the best person inside (in our opinion), but still it takes a lot to make other see what we want them to see. Therefore, everyone has to work on his/her relationship to understand other and to be understood. There are few people who matters the most in our life. When it comes to keeping or improving that bonding with those few, there should not be any tomorrow for reconsideration.

3. Professional path: We follow this path to build our career that will give us financial stability and recognition in the world. It is also very important as we are always evaluated based on our professional achievement (blindly). Any battle to get to our professional goal should be the one we should never miss in our life.

Life is full of battle within and outside. Next time before indulging yourself into one of those battles, ask yourself if those fight will serve your personal or professional relationship, not to mention if this is how you want to be remembered. If it is not within one of these groups, then that battle should be left alone.

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