Stress Relief: Can experts opinion change you?

I was browsing through internet from google reader and found an interesting article about handling a stressful situation.  You can read it all here. In nutshell, the authors tried hard to give their expert opinions on how to stay calm in any stressful situation and summarized everything that you can do during those period into 7 steps. The magic 7 steps are:

1. Identify the cause of stress, 2. Choose your response, 3. Shake it off, 4. Face your stress source when you are ready, 5. Make a plan, 6. Take one step at a time, 7. Be realistic.

The last step “be realistic” says it all. How can yo be “realistic” when being realistic is so subjective?  What is realistic for me, may not be for you.  At the end, it is you who will be taking all those steps and the success will depend on how are you going to deliver what is told by those experts. If everything depends on you, then why to look for their opinion on your life?

It is nice to learn from others and listen to those who have thought on subject lot more than you do. Because we may not be aware of options within the realm of our knowledge. But one should never take them word by word. The answer lies inside you.  You got to trust yourself, and understand what you can do or should do.  No matter how expert someone is about anything, nobody can be more expert than you when it comes to understanding you and your instinct.

Keeping your mind open to opinion and trusting your heart is necessary to get through the difficult time. The best thing an expert can do for you, is to instill that faith about yourself. The expert could be your friend, love one or a professional counsellors.  But thinking that someone will be able to help you after putting all your trust on him/her may make things worse.  It may work as long as you are willing to give up everything you believe.  As far as I know, doing later is not easier than trusting yourself and find a solution within keeping your mind open.

And also don’t forget to stay fit.  A good exercise and healthy diet will solve more problem than you think. And it ALWAYS works for me – May not be an expert on anything, but always expert on what I am!


2 responses to “Stress Relief: Can experts opinion change you?

  1. The detailed analysis of what I said here and even much more is told recently by Darren Hardy.

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