Message from a true heart

Life is going smooth, getting busy in work, spending time with family and friends.  Yet there are some lonely moments that make us total blank-minded. Then a blurry image of past appears without invitation carrying wide range of feeling depending on your mood.  It could be happiness of doing something great, or sadness of NOT doing something good.  Overall, it is not what that image of past makes us feel, but it is about what we are going to do with it NOW.

Choice number 1: See it as a flash TV show that you accidentally run into while changing channel without knowing what you want. Regret or be happy and wait for another day to do the same.

Choice number 2: Speak out and send the message to the person related to that image.  You are living in a world blessed with wonderful invention of 21st century.  Text it, or email it, or connect any possible way that can carry that message to concerning person.  If don’t have any information about the person, then write it down and post it to yourself.

After doing so, you will feel fresh air underneath you. You will be still flying with time. But this time, it will be without a burden of guilt/sadness of past, and with an extra wing of happiness from your true heart for doing something that will make someone smile. Message from true heart always reach. But sending is the first step – the step that most of us never takes in life.


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