Good Dream and Bad Dream- Both Are Welcomed!

I saw myself giving up something at last moment to realize that I will never be the one because of a moment of madness, indecisiveness, and reluctance to do something RIGHT. I wished I could do all to change that moment if I had a second chance.  Before my heart exploded with fear and guilt, I woke up to find the clock ticking pass 10 a.m. A great relief indeed knowing nothing like the dream has happened yet and I do have my CHANCE.

I begin to think that dreams do contribute to our life in very positive ways. A good dream gives positive hope and shows us the path that will lead to our goal.  However, most of us are afraid of bad dreams. Source of a bad dream could be our collective negative feelings from unhealthy lifestyle.  But waking up after a bad dream can give us enough incentives to do more about it so that the bad dream will never come true. After all, it is always good not to live a bad dream.  Knowing what path not to take could be a step near to the way that will lead us to our goal. Therefore, good or bad dream, both should be welcomed in our life for  a reason that we may failed to comprehend now.


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