Why should one blog?

In my last post, I wrote the benefit of talking out the emotion that sometimes shows us the way out.  In this world of internet, blog gives us the same platform to express ourselves.  Sometimes, writing about different subjects gives you that extra incentive to learn more and get educated.  By doing so, you not only educate yourself, but also benefit the people around you by sharing your experience.

Every big business in the internet starts from a blog.  The business based on internet is growing faster than any other in this period of economic meltdown.  Because in the age of Facebook, Twitter or Google, there are still a lot untapped resource out there.  More people are using internet and the number will only grow up, so as the profit related to internet.  For example, you can be a poet, painter, teacher, doctor, engineer and consultant right from your laptop helping millions of people.

The essence of success in any business is helping others and in the process help yourself and make a living out of it.  Famous blogger and consultant, Yaro Starak earns at least $20,000 a month by working 2 hours a day consistently using his laptop. The best part of this work is you are free to work from any where in the world and any time you want.

I am sure  you have many wandering thoughts those are floating around time to time.  If you have a platform to put those thoughts somewhere, you may find many like-minded people through that base.  By sharing and learning from each other experiences, we all can improve ours life and also go rich.  So what are you waiting for when you have this art of win-win formula?


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