Why I love dogs?

I was asked what I would bring with me if I have to spent rest of my life in a lonely island.  I said without a blink that it is “DOG”.  I never had a puppy, but I do feed dogs that are abandoned in my childhood place and they used to come to attend school with me (but just sit outside waiting for me).  It was that amazing moments of friendship and bonding I shared with those beloved dogs, changed me as a person.

It is rightly said in this article that “dog owners tended to report higher satisfaction with their emotional, social and physical states. So not only do dogs start conversations, they may also make you healthier“.  The data may be skewed and one can also argue against these finding.  But there is a subtle reason behind we being happy when we have someone to talk without being judged, even though he/she/it may not understand us that well.

Sometimes, the best service we  can do to our friends is to be incredibly stupid and ignorant while listening to them.  This will prevent us to judge them based on what we think than what they are trying to convey.  Truth is everyone has the answer, but does not have the way to find it.  People find their answer talking to dog because the dog give them that space to think through their own emotion without any fear for being judged.  Sounds weird, but try to talk to a friend who does not listen and talk to a DOG.

Enough talks!! Now enjoy this short clip that make you understand what the dog brings to our life!!


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