Valentine day again…

It is valentine day again! Like every year, I am looking for the historical prospective of this day and trying to find a reason why we (short of) are celebrating it.  As usual, there is no convincing reason for doing so.  What the heck?  Why to even think about the reason?  Just do it as long as it feels good.

I am convinced that we create all these different occasions to celebrate – just because we want to be happy.  That leads to the million dollar question – “what makes us happy?”  Some says it is money and some says it is family, job and others(?).  Almost anything can be added to the list of things that makes us happy without any strong argument against their inclusion.  It is certain that anyone cannot get all of those.  Then what is that billion dollar answer?

Everyone is making that journey to be happy.  The journey could be finding a good job, money, family or anything from that list.  But completing the journey alone may not make us that happy.  It is with whom we are accompanied with while taking the journey, that makes us happy.  This is the reason we are celebrating valentine day or any other day.  I wish you all the best in your journey. And of course, have a nice valentine day.


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