Art of Failure!

“If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”  – This is a famous quote by Thomas Watson, Sr.  Rightly said so.  I have read it somewhere, but never realized as deeply as today.  I was contemplating everything that I am doing for my Ph.D. thesis which can be summed up with some successful time with a long gap of failure and frustration.  I thought I may be little unlucky in getting so many unexpected results or no results, to be more precise.  May be others are lucky.

I like to believe that nothing is achieved without struggle, especially Ph.D.  The key to get success may not lie in the lucky choice of topic or availability of resources (intellect and materialistic), but how fast one may use those.  I have failed several times, but the painful part is the ideal time or gap between two failures or time between a failure and a success.  At the end, I am convinced that increasing the rate of failure is the only way to get close to the illusive success.  How about you?


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