Looking Back From Future

Everyday we live in a busy world where we have to make choice.  The choices are sometimes easy and sometimes very difficult, painful.  For example, choosing your favorite toothpaste at Walmart may be no brainer, but choice involving career and personal life are often critical to sway away everything we have.  I have several anxious moments in my life.  First one is to quit Ph.D. in U. of Hawaii and move to Colorado to start over again and another is about staying in a stressful relationship or not.  Both are very frustrating.  In both cases, I made the choice that appeared to be relatively difficult and tough at that moment.  Because when I looked back to the present by moving to 5 years ahead, I feel strongly about the choice I made.
It may be difficult to make choice staying in present situation.  But when we travel 5 years into future and try to look back on today, then there is only one choice that will make us proud.  And that is the only choice, we should always make no matter how difficult it is.  I hope you made the right choice that you always be proud of.

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