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Message from a true heart

Life is going smooth, getting busy in work, spending time with family and friends.  Yet there are some lonely moments that make us total blank-minded. Then a blurry image of past appears without invitation carrying wide range of feeling depending on your mood.  It could be happiness of doing something great, or sadness of NOT doing something good.  Overall, it is not what that image of past makes us feel, but it is about what we are going to do with it NOW.

Choice number 1: See it as a flash TV show that you accidentally run into while changing channel without knowing what you want. Regret or be happy and wait for another day to do the same.

Choice number 2: Speak out and send the message to the person related to that image.  You are living in a world blessed with wonderful invention of 21st century.  Text it, or email it, or connect any possible way that can carry that message to concerning person.  If don’t have any information about the person, then write it down and post it to yourself.

After doing so, you will feel fresh air underneath you. You will be still flying with time. But this time, it will be without a burden of guilt/sadness of past, and with an extra wing of happiness from your true heart for doing something that will make someone smile. Message from true heart always reach. But sending is the first step – the step that most of us never takes in life.


Good Dream and Bad Dream- Both Are Welcomed!

I saw myself giving up something at last moment to realize that I will never be the one because of a moment of madness, indecisiveness, and reluctance to do something RIGHT. I wished I could do all to change that moment if I had a second chance.  Before my heart exploded with fear and guilt, I woke up to find the clock ticking pass 10 a.m. A great relief indeed knowing nothing like the dream has happened yet and I do have my CHANCE.

I begin to think that dreams do contribute to our life in very positive ways. A good dream gives positive hope and shows us the path that will lead to our goal.  However, most of us are afraid of bad dreams. Source of a bad dream could be our collective negative feelings from unhealthy lifestyle.  But waking up after a bad dream can give us enough incentives to do more about it so that the bad dream will never come true. After all, it is always good not to live a bad dream.  Knowing what path not to take could be a step near to the way that will lead us to our goal. Therefore, good or bad dream, both should be welcomed in our life for  a reason that we may failed to comprehend now.

Why should one blog?

In my last post, I wrote the benefit of talking out the emotion that sometimes shows us the way out.  In this world of internet, blog gives us the same platform to express ourselves.  Sometimes, writing about different subjects gives you that extra incentive to learn more and get educated.  By doing so, you not only educate yourself, but also benefit the people around you by sharing your experience.

Every big business in the internet starts from a blog.  The business based on internet is growing faster than any other in this period of economic meltdown.  Because in the age of Facebook, Twitter or Google, there are still a lot untapped resource out there.  More people are using internet and the number will only grow up, so as the profit related to internet.  For example, you can be a poet, painter, teacher, doctor, engineer and consultant right from your laptop helping millions of people.

The essence of success in any business is helping others and in the process help yourself and make a living out of it.  Famous blogger and consultant, Yaro Starak earns at least $20,000 a month by working 2 hours a day consistently using his laptop. The best part of this work is you are free to work from any where in the world and any time you want.

I am sure  you have many wandering thoughts those are floating around time to time.  If you have a platform to put those thoughts somewhere, you may find many like-minded people through that base.  By sharing and learning from each other experiences, we all can improve ours life and also go rich.  So what are you waiting for when you have this art of win-win formula?

Why I love dogs?

I was asked what I would bring with me if I have to spent rest of my life in a lonely island.  I said without a blink that it is “DOG”.  I never had a puppy, but I do feed dogs that are abandoned in my childhood place and they used to come to attend school with me (but just sit outside waiting for me).  It was that amazing moments of friendship and bonding I shared with those beloved dogs, changed me as a person.

It is rightly said in this article that “dog owners tended to report higher satisfaction with their emotional, social and physical states. So not only do dogs start conversations, they may also make you healthier“.  The data may be skewed and one can also argue against these finding.  But there is a subtle reason behind we being happy when we have someone to talk without being judged, even though he/she/it may not understand us that well.

Sometimes, the best service we  can do to our friends is to be incredibly stupid and ignorant while listening to them.  This will prevent us to judge them based on what we think than what they are trying to convey.  Truth is everyone has the answer, but does not have the way to find it.  People find their answer talking to dog because the dog give them that space to think through their own emotion without any fear for being judged.  Sounds weird, but try to talk to a friend who does not listen and talk to a DOG.

Enough talks!! Now enjoy this short clip that make you understand what the dog brings to our life!!

Valentine day again…

It is valentine day again! Like every year, I am looking for the historical prospective of this day and trying to find a reason why we (short of) are celebrating it.  As usual, there is no convincing reason for doing so.  What the heck?  Why to even think about the reason?  Just do it as long as it feels good.

I am convinced that we create all these different occasions to celebrate – just because we want to be happy.  That leads to the million dollar question – “what makes us happy?”  Some says it is money and some says it is family, job and others(?).  Almost anything can be added to the list of things that makes us happy without any strong argument against their inclusion.  It is certain that anyone cannot get all of those.  Then what is that billion dollar answer?

Everyone is making that journey to be happy.  The journey could be finding a good job, money, family or anything from that list.  But completing the journey alone may not make us that happy.  It is with whom we are accompanied with while taking the journey, that makes us happy.  This is the reason we are celebrating valentine day or any other day.  I wish you all the best in your journey. And of course, have a nice valentine day.

Art of Failure!

“If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”  – This is a famous quote by Thomas Watson, Sr.  Rightly said so.  I have read it somewhere, but never realized as deeply as today.  I was contemplating everything that I am doing for my Ph.D. thesis which can be summed up with some successful time with a long gap of failure and frustration.  I thought I may be little unlucky in getting so many unexpected results or no results, to be more precise.  May be others are lucky.

I like to believe that nothing is achieved without struggle, especially Ph.D.  The key to get success may not lie in the lucky choice of topic or availability of resources (intellect and materialistic), but how fast one may use those.  I have failed several times, but the painful part is the ideal time or gap between two failures or time between a failure and a success.  At the end, I am convinced that increasing the rate of failure is the only way to get close to the illusive success.  How about you?

Looking Back From Future

Everyday we live in a busy world where we have to make choice.  The choices are sometimes easy and sometimes very difficult, painful.  For example, choosing your favorite toothpaste at Walmart may be no brainer, but choice involving career and personal life are often critical to sway away everything we have.  I have several anxious moments in my life.  First one is to quit Ph.D. in U. of Hawaii and move to Colorado to start over again and another is about staying in a stressful relationship or not.  Both are very frustrating.  In both cases, I made the choice that appeared to be relatively difficult and tough at that moment.  Because when I looked back to the present by moving to 5 years ahead, I feel strongly about the choice I made.
It may be difficult to make choice staying in present situation.  But when we travel 5 years into future and try to look back on today, then there is only one choice that will make us proud.  And that is the only choice, we should always make no matter how difficult it is.  I hope you made the right choice that you always be proud of.