Avatar, a diplomatic prospective

I watched James Cameron “Avatar” and followed it till it surpassed “Titanic” as the highest gross movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie from first second to end of the story without any thought of criticism.  At the end, I cannot stop putting myself into the role of different characters of any movies and to live their life for a moment.  After all, this is the best way to live many avatars in this wonderful world where one life is too short to enjoy everything.  I try to live the life of power monger colonel  (Miles Quaritch), the hero (Jake Sully), and the peace-loving scientist (Dr. Grace Augustine).  Except Grace, I could not find myself doing what the storyline suggested for sake of diplomatic or strategic success (though it will spoil wonderful story as James Cameron imagined).  These comments are only applied to those who ever positioned themselves for similar responsibilities in their life.  If you are an ardent followers of art or story as it is, without any possible implication to the life you are living, then you may not read this post beyond this point.

If I were the colonel, then I would have let Jake do his own job and have patience to achieve the goal given by the funding guy (Parker Selfridge).  After all, I have all the power in my hand to destroy Navi army any time I wanted.  Why to attack without knowing what they have for me to take?  We did not even know where to find the minerals and how to get it.  Just killing the opposition does not win you war unless you have plan for next.

Similarly, if I were Jake, then I would not let the home tree of Navi destroyed because of my foolish assumption.  Power brings arrogance that would have anyway pursued the colonel or Parker to take drastic steps like what they did at the end.  I would have gone out of way to protect their beautiful homes by enticing Parker and alienating Miles giving some credibility such as getting a piece of minerals for proof. Getting the trust of Parker and buying more time for reverse attack could have forced everyone for a diplomatic solution and saved many lives.

At the end, it is easy to comments on other’s life, but hard to live the life.  Nevertheless, watching movie and reading stories of others life give me a chance to gain some vicarious pleasure of making those decision that may be part of my life or someone dearly to me in future. Who knows what lies ahead?


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