One-minute World

It was 18th January, 2010. My flight to Denver was scheduled at 4:32 p.m. I took 2:20 p.m. bus (thought it was 2 p.m. before) from Pullman. From bus driver to everyone else who knew my schedule gave me a hard look with a reminder that I was going to miss the flight. I have still slight hope to make it to the gate with 15 minute to clear the security at airport. After 2 anxious hours, the bus arrived at airport to find myself running to clear the security with my boarding pass in hand. I could almost hear my own heartbeats when I heard the last announcement from delta airlines with my name. Security personals also lend me their helping hands after being aware of my situation. I started running towards the boarding gate with 4 minutes left to 4:32 pm, the schedule departure time.
I found the air hostess closing the door. The pilots were trying to prepare the flight to move to runway. With sheer desperation, I waved my hands to get noticed by pilot who may pursue the air hostess to open the gate for me. I knew it was silly, especially when airport security was tightened in response to the suicide bomber from Nigeria. But my failed attempt was the only hope to prove everyone wrong who told me I cannot make it. I guess I had no choice than contemplate every situation that lead to this failure.

I thought about that “one minute” that could have made me catch my flight. I also thought about each of my friend who might have been busy doing something during that one minute without the constraint of missing their flight or something important. A terrible thought hit me at that moment. The one minute I lost may have no result for billions of people living in this world, but for me or who knows others, it made a big difference. Our life could be a sum of several non-consequential minutes that we hardly care or remember. Yet, when it does come to us at the desperate moment, we want the world to stop for us. At the end, that one lost minute at airport gave me the prospective of each minute I am living or taking for granted. I name it as our “one minute world” that carry a lot of significance to many whether we recognize it or not.

The announcement for next delta flight woke me from my one minute world. I find myself living in 2-hours-world waiting for next flight with a non confirmed ticket.

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