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Avatar, a diplomatic prospective

I watched James Cameron “Avatar” and followed it till it surpassed “Titanic” as the highest gross movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie from first second to end of the story without any thought of criticism.  At the end, I cannot stop putting myself into the role of different characters of any movies and to live their life for a moment.  After all, this is the best way to live many avatars in this wonderful world where one life is too short to enjoy everything.  I try to live the life of power monger colonel  (Miles Quaritch), the hero (Jake Sully), and the peace-loving scientist (Dr. Grace Augustine).  Except Grace, I could not find myself doing what the storyline suggested for sake of diplomatic or strategic success (though it will spoil wonderful story as James Cameron imagined).  These comments are only applied to those who ever positioned themselves for similar responsibilities in their life.  If you are an ardent followers of art or story as it is, without any possible implication to the life you are living, then you may not read this post beyond this point.

If I were the colonel, then I would have let Jake do his own job and have patience to achieve the goal given by the funding guy (Parker Selfridge).  After all, I have all the power in my hand to destroy Navi army any time I wanted.  Why to attack without knowing what they have for me to take?  We did not even know where to find the minerals and how to get it.  Just killing the opposition does not win you war unless you have plan for next.

Similarly, if I were Jake, then I would not let the home tree of Navi destroyed because of my foolish assumption.  Power brings arrogance that would have anyway pursued the colonel or Parker to take drastic steps like what they did at the end.  I would have gone out of way to protect their beautiful homes by enticing Parker and alienating Miles giving some credibility such as getting a piece of minerals for proof. Getting the trust of Parker and buying more time for reverse attack could have forced everyone for a diplomatic solution and saved many lives.

At the end, it is easy to comments on other’s life, but hard to live the life.  Nevertheless, watching movie and reading stories of others life give me a chance to gain some vicarious pleasure of making those decision that may be part of my life or someone dearly to me in future. Who knows what lies ahead?


One-minute World

It was 18th January, 2010. My flight to Denver was scheduled at 4:32 p.m. I took 2:20 p.m. bus (thought it was 2 p.m. before) from Pullman. From bus driver to everyone else who knew my schedule gave me a hard look with a reminder that I was going to miss the flight. I have still slight hope to make it to the gate with 15 minute to clear the security at airport. After 2 anxious hours, the bus arrived at airport to find myself running to clear the security with my boarding pass in hand. I could almost hear my own heartbeats when I heard the last announcement from delta airlines with my name. Security personals also lend me their helping hands after being aware of my situation. I started running towards the boarding gate with 4 minutes left to 4:32 pm, the schedule departure time.
I found the air hostess closing the door. The pilots were trying to prepare the flight to move to runway. With sheer desperation, I waved my hands to get noticed by pilot who may pursue the air hostess to open the gate for me. I knew it was silly, especially when airport security was tightened in response to the suicide bomber from Nigeria. But my failed attempt was the only hope to prove everyone wrong who told me I cannot make it. I guess I had no choice than contemplate every situation that lead to this failure.

I thought about that “one minute” that could have made me catch my flight. I also thought about each of my friend who might have been busy doing something during that one minute without the constraint of missing their flight or something important. A terrible thought hit me at that moment. The one minute I lost may have no result for billions of people living in this world, but for me or who knows others, it made a big difference. Our life could be a sum of several non-consequential minutes that we hardly care or remember. Yet, when it does come to us at the desperate moment, we want the world to stop for us. At the end, that one lost minute at airport gave me the prospective of each minute I am living or taking for granted. I name it as our “one minute world” that carry a lot of significance to many whether we recognize it or not.

The announcement for next delta flight woke me from my one minute world. I find myself living in 2-hours-world waiting for next flight with a non confirmed ticket.

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So near, yet so far!

Which kind of delay you suffer?

It was a bright sunny day in Spokane on December 1, 2009. I was waiting for the flight to Denver that supposed to land at Spokane airport by 11 a.m. It was going to be 11:30 a.m, but there was neither any sign of the flight nor any announcement by the airline employee. Finally the plane touched down 1 hour late and we were rushed into our seat while trying to outcompete each other for keeping our carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments. Almost 30 minutes passed since all passenger got seated. Adding fuel to the fire of frustration, the captain made the announcement that the hydraulic system of engine had failed and it might take more than 2 hour to fix it. Surprisingly this was the same reason why the flight was late taking off from Denver in its way to Spokane. As usual, I found myself among bunch of impatient or busy people who always find many innovative ways to convince everyone else how important is that few lost hours in their life.

Amid of all impatience, I was trying hard to find something to amuse myself. But I did not have to try harder. I was amazed by finding the way everyone was reacting to this situation. They were using at least 10-15 different ways to cope up with this dilemma that was bestowed on them, thanks to the mismanagement of the frontier airlines. Some were trying to engage themselves with their laptop, ipod or any modern inventions of 21st century. Some started talking to their friends and family in mobile phone to tell them how upset they were for this delay. I myself was guilty of doing both at the same time in order not to fall behind them in this competition, but only for 5 minutes. My fellow passenger was talking over phone for long time with a southern ascent. Some baby started crying even though I am certain that plane delay was not their concern. The reason of their sudden burst was unanticipated lost in unconditional attention that they used to get from their parents, had the plane was on time. Unfortunately, crying kids soon became part of their parents added frustration. Innovation to show the frustration at its peak through out the plane. You can get the picture as I am sure you must have this kind of situation sometime in your life, if not in the plane.

It was even more spectacular that two persons siting side by side were never talking to each other. They were able to talk to someone probably hundreds of mile away in a hot pursuit of explaining their problem. The inch of separation between two fellow passengers seemed like an light years away. The modern inventions like music players, laptop, and other entertainment device indeed bring a lot of joy to our life without depending on others. But sadly, it is the same science that decreased the distance between moon and man, yet increased the distance between men.

I am not against use of these good device that become undetachable part of our life. Overuse or misuse is always my concern. In a society where we communication gap between groups, country are increasing at alarming rate, we always blame the system or politician or policymaker for not doing there job. But we failed to see that it all started at personal level. Everyday millions of people are commuting to different place for personal or work related reasons. Everyone are instantly preparing themselves to avoid the boredom of loneliness by reading a book, listening audio. In the advent of new decade, we are loosing the art of communicating with a stranger for sharing the knowledge we all gain in terms our experience. Everyone is special in this world and there are so much thing to learn from each other, even by engaging in trash talk. We all are so comfortable in blogging, twittering, texting or writing our thought in web, but never comfortable to break the ice between us and the fellow passenger sitting inch away. Clock was ticking for the mechanics who are trying to fix the plane and for our society where we are running far from each other like our expanding universe. I was disappointed and murmur in loud voice “ so near, yet so far”. As expected, my fellow passenger did not hear me and so did others.

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